eventually and surprisingly they booked me as rehearsal-pianist for the rocky horror show..
additional i will play some tour-gigs as substitute organ-player..
how often..? who knows..?

everything about the new project "south world impro music" located near montpellier, france
seems to work.. rehearsals in languedoc-roussillon end of july/beginning august, subsidized concerts from october, concert and workshop tour through france in 2012..

frank mccomb at malteserkeller again was an adventure.. this guy is exeptionally gifted..

recordings at "handlanger schallproduktion" in duisburg..
new songs in a mixed up 70s- and new century acid jazz style with german lyrics..

currently working on a endorsement contract called "friends of nord"..
hope it will work out and they friends of clavia nord keyboards will accept me
as their business partner..

I also got a request for 2012 to work for the afro and soul lable jvalp records
and to play keyboards on 4 upcoming records..

the recordings with "cologne world jazz ensemble" in wuppertal at 17-9 and 18-9
have been fabulous.. looking forward to the results..